Billet Box 18650 70w Modz

Wow, this upgrade newest Billet Box Modz finally comes out, it is 70watt highest output, and use one 18650 battery.

Amazing this wonderful stainless steel case pasted something like wood, such good hand feeling. It is easy to take off the case, and you can change other advanced exclusive custom patch, like Stabilize wood and epoxy resin.

The new Billet Box is more functional on the liquid cap and coil. With the adaptor, you can use Aspire Nautilus BVC coils, Kanger OCC/SSOCC and Subtank RBA coil. Easy to slip the glass, and you can fill the liquid insdie, the silicone is close with the glass, so do not worry about the leaking problem.

You will love Billet Box because it really good on hand, wonderful looking and good hand feeling. Now in our website, you can buy silver and black color here:

And you can buy the Aspire Nautilus Coils and Kanger Subtank RBA and OCC/SSOCC coil latter, what is more, we are exploring and researching more adaptors for Billet Box, will make it vape more funny.

Thanks for reading and following us, will do better job with your encourage.
Yosenecig Group.

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