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By YOSEN - VAPE TRADING | 18 June 2020 | 0 Comments

Business Under COVID-19

COVID-19, it is a hard time for whole world people, many business are suffering huge impact. But we here all hope that everything going to be fine with you. We hear from our customers and know actually there are still many stock in their hands. But economic downturn and many people lost jobs and no money, so now selling is very slow. In the past few years, the e-cigarette (VAPE) industry has also experienced several dark periods, but finally it also getting better. So pls don't give up, it just need time to solve this.

For supporting our members and customers, we will hold together to get throught this moment.
1. Any orders in these times, we will remove our operating costs and labor costs to ensure that our business can survive, and then try our best to let you get greater profits, so that you have greater profits to ensure that your business continues to do. So don't worry about disturbing us, please feel free to contact us for bargin. 
2. Because our company has made new business strategy adjustments, now we change logo and focal on vape wholesale supply only. We all hope that you can still follow us, no matter you are wholeasler, retailer or individual user, we will do something, you will see.

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