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Pod System Kit is the trend in 2019, we can see all the vape company are making pod system device. The Pod System Kit is a vape starter kit designed for smokers transitioning into vaping and quit smok. It is a mini device base on 2 parts: a pod cartridge and a small battery. And there are pr-filled or refillable designs. Some will have the power adjustable button and most are automatic. Pod System is a very easy operation vape and support Nic-Salt juice (most are nicotine 25mg/ml & 50mg/ml Nicotine content) that making a strong hit of throat. 

But normal e-juice can vape on pod? Yes, but it should be 50VG content and it will work as well as Nic-Salt juice. While your normal juice is over 12mg, you will get the strong throat hit.

Pre-filled & Refill Pod System Kit
1. Pre-filled is the one the pre-filled selected flavor, that you can not refill by yourself. Usually there are Tabacoo, Fruit...  and sometimes they are favorite flavor that you like. 
2. Refill is easy to understand that you can put your favorite flavor e-juice in your pod kit. And after the e-juice exhausted, you can fill again that will save a lot on vaping.

All in one word, the pod is very popular for new beginner to start vaping and less cost on money, and what is more it is so easy to operate.
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