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Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA) is the tank atomizer that support rebuildalbe and there is the ejuice storage tank. You can wrap the heating wire into different ohm resistance to get different vaping experince, will bring you much enjoyment. Mostly RTA are single coil and dual coil, and now popular mesh coil. Moreover, there is the MTL(mouth-to-lung) building style of RTA, it is specially for strong nicotine juice and providing nice vaping taste.

RTA is a tank system atomizer. You fill it up and vape until the liquid are exhausted and then fill again. The convenience comes with a small performance sacrifice. RTA are assembled with multiple parts so it will be harder to build. And you have to get more knowlege of ohm resistance, in here we recommend for your learning. Remember building is fun but be aware safe.

Most RTA are dual coil style, cause while double coil can reduce half resistance and you can use higher watt for cloudy vaping. Many vape trick vapor are like it so much. For safe vaping, we suggest using the RTA on the box mod (because box mod are always with protection function), while your building are short circle, the box mod will not work and keep your device safe. You only need to rebuild the coil.

If you are only care the flavor not cloudy, then single coil styled MTL RTA should be your favor. Cause MTL RTA comes with the tight airflow system and ariflow direct to the coil to bring you strong flavor taste while vaping. MTL are only single coil and very easy for building.

All in one word, RTA bring fun of building, convenience on filling and mostly are about flavor. 
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