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Coil & Cartridge

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Replacement Coil is the most important part in vape device. It is like the bullet of gun. While you vape already some days, the cotton in the coil will getting weak and will happened leaking and burned problem, so you have to change a new coil for your vaping. 

Pod Cartridge has 2 types: With Coil and Empty. 1. Empty Pod Cartridge without coil inside and you need to install the extra coil before you drip the E-Juice in it. 2. The POD cartrdige has the coil inside and change not put it out for changing. The Pod Cartridge just like the atomizer but sometimes the coil doesn't included.

Smok RPM RBA Sale
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Smok RPM Replacement Coil 5pcs/pack Sale
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Smok Nord Replacement Coil 5pcs/pack Sale
$7.48 $8.95
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